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  • "Capable and reliable since 1953." We have been steadily expanding our company since its foundation in 1953. We are now among the leading manufacturers of anodes made of zinc, tin and lead and alloys...
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  • MTM NE-Metalle is a company which specialises in electronic manufacturing service companies. We act as a supplier of solder and high grade anodes made of a variety of alloys for the electronics and...
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  • MAGONTEC Limited is the leading supplier of magnesium alloys and products for cathodic corrosion protection as well as corrosion protection systems for hot water storage tanks. Our distribution...
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  • GRONBACHWASSERBURG has been developing and manufacturing components and complex assemblies since 1964. It has a 20, 000 m² production area and 290 staff, and has specialised in the processing of...
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  • HERNEE Hartanodic specialises in technical and decorative coatings on aluminium materials, as well as hardcoating, hard anodisation and other anodisation processes. During coating, the aluminium...
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