DETEK AG – private investigation firm – private detectives. Do you need evidence? Are employees using knowledge from your company to create their own competition? Is a competitor copying your product? Have your debtors suddenly disappeared? Do you want to know how secure your company is? Do you suspect your stolen car is now abroad? Do you think false statements have been made in court? Is a family member missing? We can help you! Turn to DETEK for economic investigations, private cases, and security matters – all handled with discretion, tenacity and respect. Over a century of company history has not only taught us every trick in the book, it has also enabled us to set up several branches. We work out of nine locations in Germany, with three branch offices in London, Marbella and Zurich, to guarantee you a quick response and direct contact with our team. On a daily basis, we have 44 staff members working on the cases entrusted to DETEK, supported by the latest technology.


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Detektyvų agentūros, tarptautinės /  Apsaugos ir stebėjimo sistemos ir įranga /  Apsaugos paslaugos /  Safety and vulnerability analysis /  Surveillance technology /  close protection for people /  Economic investigations /  Accounting and expense fraud /  Vehicle searches /  Insolvency offences /  Investment fraud /  Cash register and inventory discrepancies /  Competitive and industrial espionage /  Counter-surveillance /  Litigation fraud /  Undeclared work /  Insurance fraud /  Feigned incapacity to work /  Violations of competition law /  Private investigation /  Seminars and training /  Shareholder disputes /  Debtor tracing /  Patent, trademark and product piracy /  Theft and embezzlement by staff /  Background checking /  Surveillance /  Databases searches /  video surveillance /  sabotage prevention / 

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